In 2016 some of our team were working in Rwanda looking for coffee (we also run Redroaster Coffee) and we realised that if we changed our business just a small amount then we would be able to make quite a sizeable difference to the lives of some of the coffee farmers and people resettled following the genocide.  Since then we have donated profits (not all of them) to the project and our team give their time to help the guys in Rwanda.  The roastery team also spend time in the country helping with the coffee crop.

We began in 2016 with the construction of additional classrooms for the school in Musenyi which has now been completed and hundreds of children can now receive an education locally without having to travel long distances and stay away from home.  Since the pandemic our ability to fund has dropped (sales haven’t been great !!) so we now need to fund raise more than ever. Rwanda has suffered as we all have and we look forward to helping to complete the various projects that are underway.


The school construction was part of a wider project which includes safe water, community centre, farm equipment & training. The school has been followed by a health post (for 900 a month) and construction has begun. Once the infrastructure projects are completed the village will reach self-sufficiency meaning they can run day to day without further contributions. We’ll continue with further construction and maintenance projects to bring benefits closer to the coffee growing areas and washing stations.

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