sustainable restaurant Brighton, Brightons sustainable restaurant

Well that took A LOT LONGER than we thought..two years to be exact! Lucky Beach Cafe has become part of a community of global businesses who have been recognised for the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance. We are super grateful to our team, our guests, suppliers and the communities we work in for supporting us to get here.


sustainable restaurant Brighton, Brightons sustainable restaurant

Becoming a certified B corporation was important to us because we are getting fed up with the ludicrous greenwashing that some restaurants indulge in, and we think its very difficult for guests to know who to trust. The B corp certification is heavily audited and checked and it covers all aspects of the operation and we think you can at least know that anyone with one is making a lot of effort.


One well known Hove operator was awarded by Restaurants Brighton for it’s sustainability and one of the reasons was that they used free-range eggs now and not battery. They came top. Seriously?!  ????????????????????????. Thats not really going to help is it.  Rant over.


The great news is that we are not the only sustainable restaurant in Brighton which has achieved a B corp certification. There are 3 others.. our other 3 restaurants – Lucky Khao and our two Redroaster Cafes!!  And our coffee roastery as well.. Redroaster Coffee Roasters!  Thats it though, hopefully we’ll be joined soon.

At Lucky Beach we are by no means perfect and we will look to continue to find ways to improve our sustainability. Pop down to the cafe and we’ll explain more.

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