Seeds for Bees! Help us plant Bee habitats.

1st March 2018

Seeds for Bees! Help us plant Bee habitats.

On our farm in Aberdeenshire the amount of hives has fallen from over 200 to just over 100 over the last few years.  It is believed that the pesticides and loss of habitiat have contributed to the decline in bee colonies.

So we have joined forces with our long time friend Ben Ranyard again at Higgledy Garden to distribute 10,000 packets of bee friendly seeds.  For free!

From 1st March you can come in and pick them up in the cafe or at Lucky Beach Cafe in Brighton, and we will be adding them to orders of online coffee and to our wholesale coffee partners.  If you think you might be able to find time to help plant some, please pop in and grab some seeds.

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