Breathing Workshop: relax, re-fresh, re-energise

15th January 2019

Systema Breathing Workshop at Redroaster: relax, re-fresh, re-energise


WEDNESDAY 15TH |  14:30

Everyone knows that the way we breath can promote relaxation and energise the body if done well, or cause panic attacks and deplete the body if done poorly. The usual advice that follows is “take deep breaths” and “breathe into your belly”. However, breathing well and being able to direct your state of relaxation, alertness and overall wellbeing is a worthy life skill that takes more than just a couple of banal mantras.

Systema Breathing comprises awareness exercises, breathing patterns and techniques that can be practiced and utilised on the go, without taking extra time out of your every day routine, effortlessly enriching your life through the power of breath.


This 1-hour workshop will give an introduction into the Four principles of Systema Martial Art – Breathing, Relaxation, Posture and Movement. It will lead the participants through exercises that will help one relax and get present and alert in your body, as well as aid boosting your energy and feeling awake.

As an extra bonus, the participants will be introduced to an Embodied Peacemaking process (developed by Paul Linden, PhD) that will help them to gracefully face the stress and challenges of every life.

Dr Sasha Mitrofanov, PhD – Head Instructor of Systema Brighton and Energy Psychologist.



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